School Fees

School Fees for Domestic Students

We understand that a private school education is a very big investment for most families and we thank you for considering Sirius for your child/children. In addition to our scholarships, we also offer the following opportunities to help support our families.


Eastmeadows, Meadow Fair, Sunshine and Dallas Campus
Keysborough Campus
Shepparton Campus
International Student Fee Schedule

Sibling Discount

We will reduce the Tuition Fee payable by full-time students attending Sirius concurrently where there are siblings or step-siblings living predominantly at the same address. The child in the highest grade will always be treated as the first child. Second highest as the second child and so on.

The applicable reductions are:

  • 20% off tuition fees for the second sibling
  • 30% off tuition fees for the third sibling
  • 40% off tuition fees for the fourth sibling
  • The fifth and subsequent sibling is FREE

Sibling discount(s) may vary for each campus. Please refer to campus fee schedule for eligible discounts.

School Fee Calculator

School Fee Policy

Click here for ‘Sirius College School Fee Policy’