Career Opportunities

Child Safety Statement

Sirius College:

  • has zero tolerance for child abuse
  • actively works to listen to and empower children
  • has systems to protect children from abuse, and will take all allegations and concerns very seriously and responds to them consistently in line with the school’s policies and procedures
  • is committed to promoting physical, emotional and cultural safety for all children
  • is committed to providing a safe environment for all children

Being a part of Sirius College

Sirius College is a school well reputed for its academic results and pastoral care programs offered to students. Contributing to this reputation by working at our school comes with additional perks outlined below:

Salary packaging/sacrifice: Sirius College gives all staff the opportunity to salary sacrifice selected electronic devices for the purpose of work use.

Tuition Discount: Being a staff member of Sirius College, you are given the benefit of a tuition discount of 20% starting from prep throughout to year 12.

 Leave provisions: Extensive Maternity leave and sick leave provisions well above minimum award rates, extra leave provisions allow our staff to take paid leave for personal circumstances (other than sick/carer leave).

Professional Development: Sirius College values staff development with on-site and off-site Professional Development (PD) opportunities and offers annually a professional development allowance of $500. Sirius College will also meet the expenses of any approved PD’s undertaken interstate or internationally.

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