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Primary School

Children at Sirius College experience a learning environment which is warm, creative and engaging. Children’s first steps in a lifelong education are fostered and celebrated.

Our staff seek to enrich the mind and enlighten the heart of all students as well as working with a curricular framework that is balanced and comprehensive. Its design promotes cognitive growth in all of its objectives, activities, strategies, and resources. The Australian Curriculum is being developed progressively by ACARA.  Our comprehensive curriculum of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography has been developed and successfully implemented and complimented with a rich program of LOTE, Religious Studies, Health and Physical Education, Music, Drama and Art which are taught by specialist teachers.  Students are also guided by Pastoral Care Mentors who support the healthy social development of each child.The curriculum takes into account the wide range of cultural backgrounds and learning styles of its students, offering flexibility to remediate the struggling student while at the same time enrich the gifted learner.

The co-curricular activities provided in our College, give our students the skills needed to embrace these challenging times – to be innovative, creative, team players and thinkers. The enrichment programs include: camping, incursions, excursions, clubs, Fire Education, National and Inter-campus Competitions, Choir, Traditional Folkdance, Athletics Carnival, Swimming and an End of Year concert.

We are proud of the quality of the total educational environment available to our primary children. The dedication and care shown by our staff, coupled with an exceptionally high level of support from enthusiastic parents in all aspects of schooling remains central to our success.