School Emblem

The ‘Sirius’ is the brightest star in the night sky and has been used as the symbol of illumination and light in many cultures throughout the history. The name ‘Sirius’ directly connects with our college’s educational vision of raising our students as stars with illuminating hearts and minds of all.

The blue star in the logo (representing the “Sirius” star), symbolises our school’s educational philosophy, which is excellence in both academic and values education, resulting into a brighter future. The character reaching the blue star in the logo symbolizes our students who keep their future goals as high as the brightest star and who are dedicated and determined to achieve their future objectives for a successful career. The colours blue, white and dark blue are mainly used for our logo, due to the Sirius star’s appearance of blue-white in colour in the night sky.

As the Sirius college, we are dedicated to nurture the new generation of tomorrow. The motto “Reach for the stars” is used to emphasise our ultimate goal, which is educating, mentoring and motivating our students for reaching their future dreams.