VCE Achievements

Success is not a coincidence if it is consistent

Since its first graduates in 2002, Sirius College gained the reputation of being one of the top performing VCE Schools in Melbourne.

Celebrating another successful year in VCE

The dedication to continuous improvement at Sirius College shines through in the 2023 ATARs.

Four outstanding Sirius students have secured ATARs exceeding 99, with the school's dux, Tooba Irfan, achieving a remarkable ATAR of 99.90. Joining the ranks of high achievers, Zahra Alazam and Muhammad Arshad earned ATARs of 99.20, while Youser Al-Rubaiey achieved an impressive 99.05. These students have rightfully earned their place among the state's top high achievers.

Furthermore, 14 students achieved ATARs above 95, and 37 received scores exceeding 90. 

Perfect Scores in English and Psychology

Sirius maintains its tradition of perfection, with students achieving flawless study scores in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Business Management, English, Further Maths, Mathematical Methods, Computing, and Turkish. In 2023, this legacy continues with two students, Tooba Irfan and Muhammad Arshad, securing perfect study scores in English, and Zahra Alazam achieving perfection in Psychology.

Every 1 in 3 students achieve 80+ ATAR

A remarkable achievement unfolds as every one in three Sirius students attains an ATAR exceeding 80. Overall, a commendable 79 students have clinched ATARs above 80, exemplifying the institution's commitment to academic excellence.


104 Study Scores Above 40

The brilliance of Sirius College students extends to their subject study scores, with an outstanding 104 scores exceeding 40. Reflecting their dedication, 70 students attained study scores above 40 in at least one of their subjects.

Ahmet Yamakoglu, Executive Principal of Sirius College, expressed immense pride in the VCE achievements. He acknowledged the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers, expressing confidence in their continued excellence in future endeavors.

2002 - 2021 VCE Results