Scholarships and Awards

The Scholarship Program at Sirius College aims to encourage and recognise students in their pursuit of excellence. With the help of a scholarship we intend to provide students with the financial support to further their education as well as reward achievement and effort. Those students who receive scholarships will have exemplary character and will share the values of our school community.

There are four categories of scholarships offered by the college:

  • Academic
  • Special talents
  • Community service
  • Financial difficulty

Depending on the category the value of the scholarships may be

  • 90% discount of the following year’s tuition fee
  • 45% discount of the following year’s tuition fee
  • 45% discount of the tuition fee over the duration of study at Sirius College.

All scholarship applications are made online and an application fee applies.

In addition to scholarships, for students who display excellence in VCE, one of the following awards will be given.

  • An ATAR of 99.00 and above: $7500.
  • An ATAR of 90.00 and above: $1000.
  • Top score in the state for any VCE study: $2500.

Contact school office for further details.