Primary School

Sirius College students experience an unmatched period of cognitive, physical, social and emotional change and growth. We are committed to providing a learning environment which meets these particular needs of juniors and provides strong foundations for their senior phase of learning and onto their future pathways.

We are committed to providing a learning environment which is safe, healthy and caring. A learning environment which focuses on improving student performance, allows all students to achieve and delivers the National Curriculum that is rigorous and engaging.

Curriculum Overview

It is compulsory for all students in Foundation to study English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Languages.

In addition to core subjects students study Religion & Values.

Perceptual Motor Program and Developmental Play are non-assessable subjects.

    English 11 periods per week
    Mathematics 8 periods per week
    Integrated Studies 4 periods per week1
    Health & Physical Education 3 periods per week
    Arts 2 periods per week2
    Religion & Values 3 periods per week
    Perceptual Motor Program 

    2 periods per week from the list*

    Developmental Play 2 periods per week

    1 Includes History (3 periods per week during Term 1), Geography (3 periods per week during Term 2), Science (3 periods per week during Terms 3&4) and Technology (1 period per week)

    2 Includes Music (1 period per week) and Visual & Media Arts (1 period per week)