Primary School

Our primary school students learn in an environment that provides a strong foundation for their middle and senior years. Students are encouraged to think independently and to acquire critical thinking abilities. The students’ creativity and individuality are recognised as important factors which help children reach their potential.

Sirius College fosters learning via the eight learning areas of the Australian National Curriculum:

English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies and Languages.


Student Wellbeing

Sirius College strives to nurture the well-being of students. We have adopted some special programs to develop positive social and emotional individuals who are engaged in their own learning.

The programs also promote social skills and values such as confidence, persistence, harmonious relationships with others, organisation and resilience.

Academic Success

In some of our primary school campuses, Arts, Languages, Religion and Values, Health and PE are taught by specialised subject teachers.

Students’ academic progress is closely monitored and communicated to parents via online platforms to make sure that everyone is on the same page to maximise the potential of the students while keeping the balance to “let the kids be kids”.

Better Buddies

Foundation students are partnered with an upper primary student at the beginning of the year to help develop a sense of community.

The Better Buddies program encourages younger children to feel safe on the school grounds while also giving a sense of responsibility to older children.

Camps and Excursions

We see camps and excursions as a valuable aspect of a fully rounded program of development for children through the provision of real and first-hand experiences. As a part of the school outdoor education program, camps are held for the duration of 1-3 nights for Years 3-6 students and provide an enriching experience.


Extracurricular Activities

In keeping with our learning principles, we are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive program so that all students within the college have opportunities to experiment and shine in areas of their choice. Our extra-curricular activities have the capacity to engage, challenge and enhance the student’s learning experiences.

Curriculum Scope and Sequence

Sirius College has a flexible and balanced curriculum aligned with the Australian Curriculum and College’s mission and vision. It is designed to:

  • develop successful learners,
  • empower students to become critical thinkers,
  • nurture resilient individuals with the wide range of skills, interests and attributes,
  • develop academic, artistic, musical and sport skills of students,
  • equip students with digital technology skills to prepare them for the 21st century workforce,
  • instill moral values and a belief in tolerance, diversity and harmony.

At Sirius College we understand that every student have different interests and learning needs. With a flexible curriculum structure and the appropriate use of differentiation, each student’s particular needs are met by individualised pathways.

The school week is divided into 35 periods. There are 7 periods per day.

Subjects of study are allocated across the eight learning areas:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences (including physics, chemistry and biology)
  • Humanities and social sciences (including history, geography, economics, business, civics and citizenship)
  • The Arts
  • Languages
  • Health and physical education
  • Information and communication technology, and design and technology

Curriculum Overview

It is compulsory for all students in Foundation to study English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies, Health and Physical Education and the Arts.

In addition to the core subjects, students study Religion & Values.

    English 11 periods per week
    Mathematics 8 periods per week
    Integrated Studies 4 periods per week1
    Health & Physical Education 3 periods per week
    Arts 2 periods per week2
    Religion & Values 3 periods per week
    Perceptual Motor Program

    2 periods per week from the list*

    Developmental Play 2 periods per week*

    1 Includes History (3 periods per week during Term 1), Geography (3 periods per week during Term 2), Science (3 periods per week during Terms 3&4) and Technology (1 period per week)

    2 Includes Music (1 period per week) and Visual & Media Arts (1 period per week)

    * Perceptual Motor Program and Developmental Play are non-assessable subjects.